The Potting Shed
Contact: Heather Dostaler
City: Bloomfield, NM, 87413
Email Address:
Phone: 505-402-1340
About Us
Local degreed career Horticulturist and Master Gardener growing a medium scale micro farm providing large varieties of microgreens and sprouts for the community
Microgreens and sprouts are grown in a large secure portable shed that houses large high quality grow tents internally that are fully regulated for temperature, humidity, air circulation, and grow lights; growing a variety of microgreens/sprouts naturally practicing organic standards. The produce is seeded, grown to harvest, minimally processed for packaging, cooled and prepped for delivery in a clean controlled documented environment that's managed hourly/daily by the grower to ensure safety and quality
Water source is Municipal City of Bloomfield, NM
All packaging is food grade, and we seek the highest quality seeds available on the market