Majick Cat Garlic
Contact: Jessica MosleyKerr & Shalan Allerman
Address: 122 CR 3566 Flora Vista, NM, 87415
Phone: 970-560-8891
About Us

Taking a fresh approach to cultivating Garlic in San Juan county Majick Cat Garlic specializes in locally grown Gourmet Garlic, and working with our soil alongside Mother Nature. Our farm doesn't use fertilizers or chemicals, the water is Filtered from a municipal source, and we are always striving to provide you with the best Garlic available. At Majick Cat Garlic we enjoy sharing our passion for Garlic, the many Varities and Flavors we grow, and the numerous health benefits Garlic provides.

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Majick Cat Garlic
Natural growing practices, no fetilizer, water with filtered municipal water.