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Miel del Sol
Contact: R. Stephen and Mary Rankin
Address: 917 Jefferson Ave Farmington, NM, 87401
Phone: 505-258-0623
About Us
Our honey is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) The honey products we sell are CNG comb honey and CNG honey without comb. Our hives are located on the Animas River south of Durango and along the San Juan River near Farmington. We have kept bees for over 25 years. Floral sources for the honey depend on the plant and flowers that bloom at the particular locations and time of year. Our hives are in permanent locations and are not moved for pollination. No chemicals are used in the care of the bees and hives nor in the processing of the honey. No synthetic miticides or anitibiotics are used at any time during the year. All honey is raw and has not been heated during processing.