GCI Farming --- 481 Road 4990 Bloomfield, NM
Contact: Jonathan and Jennifer Grady
Address: 481 Road 4990 Bloomfield, NM, 87413
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Phone: 505-486-4759
About Us
Located South east of the City of Bloomfield in San Juan County New Mexico. The farm is refereed to as the old LDS farm by locals. This 256-acre farm receives its water from the San Juan River through The Bureau of Reclamation that is managed by the Hammond conservancy district. The farm uses center pivots, hand lines, and drip system to deliver water to the crops such as, sweetcorn, chilies, pumpkins, and numerous forage crops. Currently this farm is transitioning into a USDA certified organic farm.
GCI Farming uses sustainable farming practices that promotes economically viable, environmentally sound and protect public health. We focus on organic production of our crops to enhance the microbial activities and increases soil health.